Non-QM Loans

Asset Only Qualifier for self employed, w-2 and retired borrowers.

Asset Only and Asset Depletion loans only require asset documents. No Income, No Employment, No tax returns.

Available for purchase and refinance of Primary, Vacation and Investment property. Loan amounts $150,000 to $2 million.

True "No Income - No Employment - No Tax Return" Loan for self employed, w-2 and retired borrowers

Income and Employment are not listed or verified. Available for purchase and refinance of Primary, Vacation and Investment property for SFR, Condo, Condo Tel, Commercial & Multi Family Units. Loan amounts $150,000 to $5 million with FICO Scores as low as 640. Income and Employment not shown on application and not verified.

Bank Statement Only for Self-Employed

Mortgage companies need to verify your income before they'll approve you for a home loan. They usually do this by looking at your W-2 and tax returns.

That can be a problem if you work for yourself. Independent contractors, including business owners, freelancers, and seasonal or gig workers likely won't have the tax forms needed for a traditional mortgage.

But if you have non-traditional income, you might be able to get a "bank statement mortgage." That means you prove your income by showing one or two years of regular deposits into your bank account.

Unlike a traditional mortgage, you can qualify for a bank statement home loan with your bank statements rather than a tax return.

Non-Warrantable Condos and Co-ops

In order to obtain a mortgage on a non-warrantable condo or co-op, you’ll need to speak with a specialty lender such as Bank of England Mortgage. We will review the building characteristics and give you a quick read on your financing options.

The building may be considered non-warrantable if any of the following exist:

When purchasing a condo or co-op, the lender is underwriting both the borrower and the building. The lender must verify the fiscal strength of the building into which you’re buying, and not all developments pass the test. Many buildings do not meet the criteria of the big banks, which can make obtaining a mortgage more challenging.

Loans for Foreign Borrowers

When purchasing a home in the United States, foreign nationals may have trouble obtaining mortgage financing. Many big banks will not finance non-US citizens, while others have cumbersome restrictions such as asset seasoning on U.S. soil or requiring a depository relationship. We offer a streamlined approach to financing foreign buyers, without requirements for a Social Security number, visa, or U.S. credit.

Perfect for foreign buyers who are looking for simple and straightforward mortgage financing with minimal restrictions.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loan

A DSCR loan is a type of non-QM loan for real estate investors. Lenders use a DSCR to help qualify real estate investors for a loan because it can easily determine the borrower's ability to repay without verifying income.

Benefits of DSCR Loans for real estate investors include:

The debt service coverage ratio loan allows these individuals to qualify more easily because they don't require proof of income via tax returns or pay stubs that investors either don't have or that don't represent their true income due to write-offs and business deductions.